The Lord, GOD Of Our Lifes
The Lord, GOD Of Our Lifes
GOD Use Broken Things
GOD Use Broken Things
Can A Man Make A Difference?
Can A Man Make A Difference?
What We Should Know About The End Of Time
What We Should Know About The End Of Time
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Praise and Worship

August 05, 2016

Praise & Worship 2016



We Care About You

John 4 exhorts us to worship in spirit and in truth, and the Psalms command us to sing praises to our God, but worship is clearly one of the most misunderstood and even maligned components of Christianity today. It is infinitely more than singing your favorite songs on a Wednesday night or Sunday morning. Worship is an attitude, a mindset, a lifestyle. It demands total focus and complete surrender; it offers incredible intimacy and even a glimpse of eternity! Here are a few insightful observations to prayerfully consider:

“The most common mistake Christians make in worship today is seeking an experience rather than seeking God.”   

“ . . . there is no other enemy of true worship besides self.” Louie Giglio

“Worship is a way of gladly reflecting back to God the radiance of His worth.”John Piper

“Worship is the Spirit-inspired, truthful, heartfelt, vocal expression of covenant love and loyalty to the Lord directly.” Pastor Rick Booye

When the church group assembles for worship at Trail, our hope and prayer is that your worship leaders never slip into the trap of entertainment mode and always keep two genuine objectives in mind as they prepare to lead you into the throne room, into
the very presence of the Risen King:

Will our worship glorify God? Will we strive for excellence, not perfection?

Common differences in musical tastes, song variety, and volume issues continue to be divisive tools within the body of Christ, and we covet your prayer support in all of these areas. Please pray for single-minded unity, true joy, clear vision, and complete humility every time we lift our voices and join the heavenly choir. Clearly summary and potential distractions:
“We’re too prone to judge a worship experience by our feelings rather than by the fact that we have obeyed God and tried to please and glorify Him.”

In an effort to extend the worship experience beyond Wednesday and Sunday into creative, new areas, we are pleased to offer a couple activities for all our family members, not just musicians.


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