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I’m Mia-Leigh smith, I got saved on the 24th December 2015. Before I got saved I had a lot in my life. Where do I start..

When I was 7 my Nan fell ill with cancer and died, my mum fell Ill from mental illness and I became one of her carers at 7/8 years old we started moving from house to House for family to help me and my younger sister look after my mum so we never Had that stability.

So years go by and me trying to be strong for my mum and sister had been taking toll on me and my life I tried to find comfort in boys, friends, parties etc. and none of them filled that void I was sinking in sadness I was crumbling. My sister had been trying to get me to go to church for a few months but i believed in God but never lived for him, so on Christmas I thought everyone goes to church on Christmas and my pastors sermon was about Lukewarm Christians who only go to church on Christmas… Straight away I felt conviction and i put my hand up when alter call came , gave my life to God and everything now has changed. God has healed me for illnesses has strengthened me and pushed me and I would never change it for the world. I give God all the glory and praise on how he has blessed me and those around me.

Mia-Leigh Smith.

Before I got saved I was basically a Sunday Christian, I thought my good deeds would take me to heaven. I only went to church on Sundays and I only prayed on Sundays… after the church service I would go back to my old ways. And then one day I was invited to football game and after the football game my friend asked me if I was “saved” I was confused because I didn’t know what he meant and then he broke it down to me. He broke down salvation in like under 10 minutes and from then I got saved, that was the best decision I have ever made in my life. God has changed me from the person I used to be… I am addicted to this change and I am loving every bit of it, it’s not easy but God is by my side at all times.

Augustine Mulenga.

My testimony isn’t that dramatic like an ex drug dealer or Gangster but it is still a great example of God’s healing and wonder working power.

I was born in a two parent family but when i was three it became a one parent family due to my mum and dad separating. As such i didn’t grow up with an earthly father which left me with a lot of hate, anger and bitterness towards my dad.

I Also didn’t have the greatest experience in school as i was verbally bullied most days which made the hate, anger, and bitterness i had for my dad grow towards other people but to top it all off i was in a relationship that was not good for me and when that ended i felt rejected and that made my bitterness and anger grow day by day.I started feeling really depressed and then thoughts of suicide started to fill my head.

I thought alcohol was the answer but i realised my problems were still at the bottom of the glass and the bottom of the bottle, i fell for a woman and that ended bad. But i did my best to put on a brave face but i was still feeling like a nobody, I was a mess, just going through life until i received an invitation to a BBQ from a good friend.

Which was ran , to my surprise by two Christians a Husband and his wife. The Husband who is a Pastor invited me to church. Which i went to and as sat down at in the church and thought  the preaching was straight directed at me. And on April 21 st 2014 i made the greatest decision of my life and excepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.From that point on my life has never been the same and Jesus has got rid of a lot of the hate , bitterness and anger out of my life. To top that off I’ve been up and down the whole of England preaching about Jesus’s love and how he died on the cross for our sins  and how he can set people free from their sins  with great people who i have got to know through coming to the Church and excepting Jesus in my life. If you are reading this and you’re in the same position as i was before i excepted Christ i encourage you to allow him into your heart because  if he can change, clean and fix up a mess like me he can do the same for you.

Stephen Beck.

As a child I loved God and called Him my daddy God. I was very smart for my age at school I was always getting A*’s, I was talented at sports, chilled with the cool kids, so my friends thought I lived the perfect life. As I grew up I knew a lot about God but I didn’t have a relationship with Him and I always knew there was more to life and it would fill my void but i didn’t know what that ‘more’ was or how to get it. So I looked for that in dancing, basketball, netball, swimming but all these things just made me bait in Sheffield, London, Manchester, Birmingham as the Sheffield girl that plays basketball or dances. Being bait in Sheffield for being in a dance crew brought the wrong attention. I was surrounded by the wrong crowd.  After my exams I was a MESS. I was depressed, I stopped dancing, I stopped all my sports and I was meant to move back to London at the end of that year. But God knocked on my door and I finally opened the door. I accepted God on the 11th April 2015. Since then God has taken away my depression, filled my void and restored my worth (proverbs 31:10). Blessed me with two gifts of the Holy Spirit and moulded me into a leader. BUT bigger than that He made a promise to never leave me or forsake me (Deuteronomy 31:6). He died for me and on 11th April 2015 it was my turn to die to my flesh and pick up my cross! I needed a saviour to save me and I finally  found my daddy God again!

Sam Giselle

My name is Sam and this is my testimony.
I was born in a Christian family. When I was younger my nan used to always take me to Church, but back then I never had a relationship with God.  God always knocked on my door but I used to ignore him all the time. At the age of 16 to 17 I had anaccident and I almost lost my life. And people were betting on my life whether  I was going to survive the accident, but by the prayer of my family and my friend’s I survived the accident. When I was  fully recovered I went back to my old ways, and at the age of 18 to 19 I went from being a Christian boy to become a Muslim boy. And I started studying about the Quran and I also started praying and fasting. And on March 29 2014 I was in town doing shopping, When I met some people in town from Derby doing outreach and I got invited to a concert. And I got saved from the concert, and it has been the best 2 and a half years of my life and now I have a relationship with GOD and I have also been baptised. And I’m no longer the person that I used to be back then anymore now I’m born again living my life for Christ.


Before Jesus I used to be a woman who lived in sin by drinking alcohol, smoking and using words I shouldn’t be using like God’s name in vain, I also went through a lot of difficulties like abuse. Ever since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and saviour, I changed my lifestyle by living according to how God wants me to live my life. When I joined Potter’s House I became closer to God, I learned how to pray more deeply, started discipleship and became more confident telling people about God’s love. I believe if you give your live to God you will find the proper value of your life.

Jovelny De Las Alas

I was born and raised in a Christian family so I labelled myself as a Christian even though my lifestyle was very sinful and did not reflect my faith. I would go to church every Sunday for the wrong purposes. After church I would go back to chasing after girls, my secular music and to other sinful things that I used to do. I did all those because they made me temporarily satisfied but deep inside I was alone and empty. After accepting Jesus in my life as my Lord and saviour, my lifestyle tremendously transformed. From chasing after the sin, to chasing after God and from being a fan, to being a follower of Jesus Christ. My lifestyle changed because I had a hunger for God and I wanted to have more of him. When I joined Potter’s House Sheffield, I have always been surrounded by Christians of my age who are constantly seeking God therefore; I was very motivated to seek God even more. My prayer life became so hot that God answered them all, I learned how to preach in public through outreach and I became more confident in sharing my faith with people. Today, God is using me in church, university and my day-to-day life.

Joseph De Jesus

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image1Hey guys, anyways my names Loretta I’m 18 I got saved when I was 17 so a year ago and it was the best decision of my life. I grew up in a Christian home, my parents are African so I went to their church all my life and it was one of those typical African churches so they’d basically check your outfit before you even came in. I used to go every Sunday and i would go back to the world the same, I didn’t feel conviction it was just another Sunday service I guess and before I knew it I was linking that boy, lying to my mom, going to parties, disrespecting my dad, stealing, swearing on a daily, had no respect for myself, I was in sin deep. But one day me and my friends about

20 of us went to town because it was HOT  to to chill and we saw some people outreaching in town and me being me I was like yeah I’m good I’m going heaven I go church on a Sunday but then the pastor asked me if I was saved? And me being me I thought he was speaking a different language so I was like what does that mean but I was with my friends and wanted to look cool so I was avoiding the question and kept saying yeah yeah I’ll see you at the concert. This is how I know the Devils a liar because I wasn’t even going to go to the concert but something was telling me to go I think it was the food not even gonna lie. so I went and the music was like grime they were people rapping, singing, dramas etc. I was gassed but then I clocked they kept saying Jesus and I instantly thought this is a church thing but I stayed and then the pastor who I was  talking to on outreach came up and started preaching he broke down the gospel in 2 minutes how Jesus died for me but not only that but why it has to be Jesus and how dangerous sin is. Then he asked us all if we’ve ever broke one of the 10 commandments and as he was going through I not even gonna lie I had broken like 8 of them and I felt so convicted, I felt uncomfortable my hands were sweating like a water fountain then he asked if anyone wanted to accept Jesus? I didn’t put my hand up straight away because of pride but then he started saying that many people are in hell today because of pride because they were scared of what their friends would think of them so I raised my hand got saved on the 11.04.15 and I’ve never looked back there’s been some good times and some bad  but God always comes through ? I do things today like outreaching on Saturday in town telling people about God warning them that’s he’s coming back very soon, I go to prayer, I perform at concerts, I do discipleship and trust me God is moulding me to the person he sees when he looks at me and I’m excited to see what God is doing in my life. ‘The Christian life isn’t easy, but it’s worth it’. ❤


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